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The Fun of Online Casino Games with a Live Dealer

For many people, the fun of playing casino table games instead of slot machines comes from the social aspect of it. Slot machines can't talk to you, make jokes, or laugh together with you. But human beings, like the other players and the dealers at blackjack or roulette tables can, and that is a hugely important part of the experience.

Early online casinos were only able to offer games like baccarat or blackjack in completely computerized formats. Players played against a computer, just like with online slots, and there was no human interaction whatsoever. While table games were popular at such famous sites as Play Million, the table games department of Play Million casino games realized that they needed to do more.

They quickly found the way to attract more players. live dealers. In these games, the game is dealt by an actual live dealer which the player is connected to via a kind of video conference. The dealer deals the cards or spins the ball, and the player can interact with a real person and even chat with them, if they like.

Live dealers have made online blackjack games almost indistinguishable from the same games in brick and mortar casinos. In some online casinos, you can not only interact with the dealer, but also with the other people at the table with you, the only thing that's missing is a cocktail waitress bringing free drinks!

That being said, live dealer games are expensive for casinos to run, after all they have to pay actual people to be their dealers instead of having a computer deal the game. That is why you only find them at the very best online casinos. But even if you have to switch casinos to experience the fun that playing with live dealers can bring, it will be worth it.